The Best Water Sports: Beyond Rafting In Arenal

Lake Arenal, with its vast surface and stunning views of the volcano, is the perfect place for paddleboarding or stand-up paddle (SUP). This activity is not only relaxing but also an excellent way to exercise balance and core strength. Several companies offer equipment rentals and guided tours for both beginners and experienced paddlers.

Types of Paddleboarding

  • Paddleboard Yoga: Try a paddleboard yoga class on Lake Arenal for a unique and peaceful way to practice yoga in a natural setting. It’s a great way to challenge your balance and core strength while enjoying the tranquility of the water.
  • Group Paddleboarding: Gather your friends or family for a paddleboarding session on Lake Arenal. It’s a fun way to bond and explore the lake together, creating memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Fishing Paddleboarding: If you’re a fisherman, you can try fishing from a paddleboard on Lake Arenal. Cast your line from the paddleboard and experience the thrill of fishing in the crystal-clear waters of the lake.

Kayaking and Canoeing

Kayaking and canoeing are excellent options for exploring the calm waters of Lake Arenal or nearby rivers. These activities allow you to get close to nature and observe wildlife from a different perspective. Tours are available for all levels, from leisurely paddles to exciting river rapids descents.

Tips for Enjoying Water Sports in La Fortuna

    1. Safety First: Always wear a life jacket and follow the instructions of guides or instructors.

    1. Sun Protection: Don’t forget to apply water-resistant sunscreen and wear appropriate clothing to protect yourself from the sun.

    1. Stay Hydrated: Bring water with you to stay hydrated, especially during intense physical activities.

    1. Respect Nature: Enjoy water activities without disturbing wildlife or the natural environment.

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