Water Activities on Lake Arenal

This one is based in La Fortuna and is the perfect area for those who love water activities as the Lake Arenal is mostly suited for it. Located near some of the most impressive volcanic views, this lake adds water activities to make you be more involved with nature. Here are some of the best water activities that can be organized on the Lake Arenal;


The most common activity that the visitors of Lake Arenal indulge in is kayaking. You can rent a kayak and paddle through the serine waters of the lake taking great photography sessions of the Arenal Volcano. It does not really matter if you are a complete newcomer or a professional – this activity is for everyone.


Paddle boarding is another great activity, with which you can get to know the Lake Arenal. Being on a board, you can row as fast or slow as you wish and feel the harmony of the lake. Actually, it implies a good opportunity to do exercises as well as to enjoy the beauty of the nature around.

Sport Fishing

Unfortunately, the sport fishing for Bass is quite well developed at Lake Arenal. The most popular fish you can catch include the guapote and the tilapia; you can either rent a boat and go fishing on your own or you can also join any fishing tour. Well, it is very refreshing but at the same time challenging to do on the lake.

Tips for Your Visit

  • Safety: It is always adviseable to wear a life jacket and one should always follow the safety procedures.
  • Sun Protection: Remember to pack sun screen, sun glasses and a hat to avoid exposure to the scorching sun.
  • Hydration: Remember to always take enough water that you will be able to drink as you engage in your activities.

Various water activities carried out on the Lake Arenal are an adventure that breaks the Defense Mechanism between nature and man. This is a wonderful natural place to visit, so welcome!

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