Night Silences: The Mysteries and Sounds of the Night in San Carlos

When it is night time in San Carlos, Costa Rica, the sounds heard are those which make it one-of-a-kind. At night, the environment drastically changes with a natural melody that possesses everyone who has the chance to hear it.

The Owl’s Song

The sound produced by these birds to hoot is one of the familiar sounds produced by birds. These small, elusive birds, which are awake during the night, have a specific call – hoot, and they have this mystical touch about them.

A melodic, ethereal sound inspirit; a whispering wind of the soul.

The wind blowing among the trees enriches the night sound envelopment. Such a soft murmur can be extraordinarily calming and allows one to leave behind the daily stress.

The Nocturnal Insects

Thus, the chorus of crickets and other night beetles provides a rhythmic pulse to the score of all the other voices in the night.

The Murmur of the Rivers

San Carlos has many famous rivers and waterfalls. During the night, the chance sound of running water makes the surroundings fresher and charged with energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can one best listen to the night sounds in San Carlos?

Lifestyle environments associated with extended rural life and especially those that coincide with the provision of nature reserves are appropriate.

Is it possible to drive in San Carlos late at night?

Yes, but it is always better to go in pairs, or don’t go the streets alone, and better be safe than sorry.

As indicated by the description of the movie setting, the night in San Carlos has a rather interesting qualification in terms of sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste. From the hooting of owls to the soft voice of the wind, these sounds rejuvenate the spirit of each lucky one who listens to such.

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