La Fortuna for Seniors: Tips and Activities

  1. Plan ahead: Book accommodations and activities in advance for your convenience and comfort.

  2. Talk to your doctor: Talk to your doctor before you travel to make sure you’re ready to participate in the planned activities.

  3. Pack accordingly: Bring comfortable weather-appropriate clothing and shoes with good support.

  4. Stay hydrated: La Fortuna’s hot and humid climate requires constant hydration, so keep a water bottle handy. Activities for seniors in La Fortuna

  5. Hot Springs Soak: Enjoy a relaxing soak at one of the area’s hot springs, such as Baldi Hot Springs or Tabacon Hot Springs Resort. Many of these locations have rooms and seating available.

  6. Walking through gardens and nature reserves: discover botanical gardens and nature reserves such as the Butterfly Garden or the Arenal Ecological Reserve. These areas often have well-maintained and easily accessible trails.

  7. Bird watching: La Fortuna is a paradise for bird watchers. Go on a bird watching tour to see some of the exotic species in the area.

  8. Cultural Tour: Visit a coffee or cacao farm to learn about the local culture, participate in tastings and learn about the production process.

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