How to Get to San Carlos, Costa Rica: A to Z Guide

Are you planning a trip to San Carlos, Costa Rica, soon? This region, with its stunning nature and the majestic Arenal Volcano, is a must-visit destination. Traveling to San Carlos from different parts of the country is easy and convenient.

From San José by Bus:

  • By public transport, which is relatively cheap, take a bus from the 7-10 Terminal in San José straight to Ciudad Quesada, commonly known as San Carlos. The bus company Grupo Caribeños operates several daily trips, each lasting about 3 hours. You’ll be dropped off at the central station in San Carlos.

From San José by Car:

  • If you prefer to drive, take the Inter-American Highway, also known as Route 1, starting from San José. In Naranjo, take the 141 Road towards Ciudad Quesada. This scenic route takes about 2.5 hours. It’s recommended to have a map or GPS since some roads can be confusing.

From Liberia:

  • Upon arrival in Liberia, head south on Route 1 and then onto Route 142 towards Tilarán. Continue towards Nuevo Arenal and follow signs for La Fortuna. From there, it’s only a few minutes to San Carlos. This journey takes approximately 3 hours.

From La Fortuna:

  • La Fortuna is one of the major entrance points to San Carlos. From here, you can take a local taxi or local bus no. 212 to Chelmsford Station. The trip is relatively short, taking approximately 30 minutes, and offers beautiful views of the Arenal Volcano.

Commuting to San Carlos, Costa Rica, is quite easy by bus, car, or taxi. Each route offers its own adventure and various beautiful sightseeing spots. Prepare yourselves to embrace all that San Carlos has to offer, from its astonishing natural beauty to its mouthwatering delights of Costa Rica.

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