Best Places to Eat an Al Fresco Lunch in La Fortuna

La Fortuna offers a variety of picturesque spots perfect for enjoying an al fresco lunch amidst nature. From stunning waterfalls to serene eco lodges, there’s something for everyone.

Arenal Volcano National Park


Arenal Volcano National Park is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It offers exotic areas where you can have your picnic beside the Arenal Volcano and forest trails for visitors to explore before or after their meal.


The drive up to the area of Arenal Volcano is long, but the view is simply stunning.


    • Picnic areas

    • Bathroom facilities

    • Easy to moderate hiking trails

Tourists can hike and observe various species such as birds, bats, and monkeys. The park also offers views of old lava flows, the volcano, and Arenal Lake, making it perfect for combining recreation with a picnic.

La Fortuna Waterfall


La Fortuna is a tourist site with a beautiful waterfall that serves as the main attraction. After trekking about 500 steps through the rainforest, you’ll be treated to a 70-meter-high waterfall. Guests can enjoy lunch or a snack amidst the water droplets at the picnic area by the waterfall.


5.5 km from downtown La Fortuna, merging the distinctions between outside and inside, private and public, natural and man-made, and between landscape and architecture.


    • Picnic tables

    • Natural swimming pool

The hike provides appropriate exercise and an opportunity to observe nature, making for an unforgettable picnic spot.

Arenal Oasis Eco Lodge & Wildlife Refuge


Arenal Oasis Eco Lodge & Wildlife Refuge is a beautiful area to have a picnic, perfect for bird and other wildlife viewing.


About 2 kilometers from downtown La Fortuna.


    • Barbecue places

    • Large broad-leaved trees

The walks provide information about the region’s diversity, making it ideal for families and nature lovers.

Arenal Natura Ecological Park


This park is very suitable for experiencing nature and is also a good place for having a barbecue. It provides tables situated in a quiet, serene atmosphere.


7 km from La Fortuna downtown.


    • BBQ pits

    • Picnic tables positioned for optimal sunset views

Guided walks focus on learning about plants and animals in the area, with sections for reptile and amphibian protection. Personal exploration is allowed on the narrow paths at your own pace.

These areas on the trails are wonderful for picnicking and enjoying nature in a quiet and serene setting. La Fortuna offers something for every type of vacation.

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